India Science, Technology and Innovation (ISTI) Portal

ISTI Portal is a central repository of the content generated within the Indian STI ecosystem with a major thrust on reaching out to students, researchers, scholars, scientists from India and abroad, so as to help them choose fellowships, scholarships, funding, and startup opportunities in India.

The portal is a user-friendly destination having adequate information related to the Indian STI Ecosystem. It presents the respective repositories of ongoing and recently completed research projects, technologies developed, innovations, funding opportunities, programmes & schemes, scholarships & fellowships, organizations, and so on.  It also has information on those who are carrying out the research, funding agencies, international collaborations, organisations, as well as its impact. 

In addition, ISTI portal provides insights and analytics of the information related to research, technologies, innovations, funding, etc. as data visualization by implementing data architecture in information systems. These analytics will help science administrators & funding agencies in informed decision making to formulate new schemes and programmes, to make decisions about project funding, and researchers can study trends & track policy movements. 

Moreover, the portal provides a platform where scientists and researchers can pool knowledge and skills needed for research, technology, innovation, science ministries, science-related line ministries, policymakers, technology storehouse, translation, technology transfer & escalation.