Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the aims of the ISTI Portal?

The India Science, Technology and Innovation Portal aims to be a one stop window for information about developments in India on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). It will help carry out the following:

1. Bring all stakeholders and Indian STI activities in a single online platform to reduce duplication

2. Ensure efficient utilization of limited resources

3. Bring about transparency in functioning of scientific laboratories, institutions and organizations

4. Highlight conferences, seminars and events

5. Project Indian Science with its major achievements.

2. Where is the information available about the various scientific research projects being undertaken in India related to my research interests?

Some of the scientific research projects being undertaken in our country are provided in the Research section of ISTI Portal. The projects are categorized based on scientific disciplines and the user-friendly search options provide easy search of projects related to your field.

3. What are the major Fellowships & Scholarships available to pursue research as a career in India?

Major fellowships to pursue research as career in India are provided in the Fellowships & Scholarships section on our portal. The scholarships are classified in the portal based on different stages of your career.

4. How can I know more about the major research grants available for early stage faculty in India?

Major research grants available in our country are provided in the funding section of ISTI portal. 

5. Where can information be obtained regarding the various S&T Awards in India?

The ‘S&T Awards’ Section of the ISTI Portal provides information regarding the numerous Awards given in recognition of excellence in various fields of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). 

6. Where is the information provided about the various S&T Innovations in India?

This information is provided under Innovations Section, which provides details about some of the grassroot and industrial innovations in our country.