Industrial Innovations

Rooftop Solar System with DC Appliances and Smart Nano Grid

Rooftop solar system with DC appliances and controller for Nano-grid is an innovative technology that is super-efficient and run directly from PV panels. No inverter is needed to run the system. Air conditioner, refrigerator, ceiling fan and lights can be operated from DC directly from PV panels. Smart Nano grid enables operation from DC or AC of the power grid.

Area: Energy Sciences

Innovator: Dr. R. Ramarathnam, Chairman, Basil Energetics Private Limted,

Funding agency: Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt of India

Benefits: The innovative technology is cost efficient, needs lesser rooftop area, and has the ability to run heavier motorized loads.

Implementing institute: Basil Energetics Private Limted, Chennai

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